Liposomal Sleep Complex
Liposomal Sleep Complex
Liposomal Sleep Complex
Liposomal Sleep Complex
Liposomal Sleep Complex
Liposomal Sleep Complex
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Liposomal Sleep Complex

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Fall Asleep Fast And Stay Asleep Longer With Our All-Natural Liposomal Sleep Complex!

A good night’s rest is rejuvenating, a night of tossing and turning sets you up for a bad day. Our all-natural sleep aid blend of GABA, melatonin, and glutathione can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Poor sleep has been shown to contribute to weight gain, depression, poor motor function, an aged appearance, diabetes, and many other negative health outcomes. By using advanced liposomal technology, our Sleep Complex is able to be more readily absorbed into the bloodstream for fast, deep sleep when you need it most. 


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Manna Liposomal Sleep Complex does more than boost the body’s ability to sleep well. Sleeping soundly is the top benefit of supplementation, but it doesn’t stop there!

Some of the other benefits of our Sleep Complex include:

  • Improved cognitive skills and memory (1)

  • May improve eye health (2)

  • Can help symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (the winter blues or SAD)(3) 

  • Helps boost the immune system(4)

  • Can protect against signs of premature aging(5)

  • May help slow signs of Alzheimer’s Disease(6)

  • Reduces inflammation and symptoms of arthritis(7)

How is one little supplement able to provide so many benefits? The ingredients in our Sleep Complex are not just sleep aids, they’re also powerful antioxidants that fight inflammation. Inflammation is thought to be the cause of most diseases and contributes to mental health issues like depression. (8) 

How does fighting inflammation help with sleep and other disorders? By reducing body-wide inflammation, our proprietary liposomal Sleep Complex blend can help with many conditions related to chronic inflammatory reactions. Aging, obesity, arthritis, skin health, depression, anxiety, and many other conditions are inflammation-related symptoms.

Poor sleep quality is a public health crisis that has devastating effects on those affected by loss of sleep. Sleep affects how the brain processes information and how quickly it can respond to stimuli. When you’re not well-rested, it’s harder to focus, respond, and react quickly and effectively. Because sleep is so vital to health, doctors have been administering sleep aids like melatonin, GABA, and glutathione for years. 

These sleep aids are highly effective, but only if your body can absorb them. Melatonin is only absorbed at a 3% rate in the body, meaning that 97% is excreted through waste

Scientists have been working for years on a solution to this problem. They started using little fat-soluble bubbles called Liposomes to encapsulate vitamin and mineral molecules and found that it protected them not only from harsh stomach acids but increased absorption of the supplement molecule into the bloodstream, making liposomes the most bioavailable form of supplementation on the market.

Liposomes are the most effective way to combat the low bioavailability of supplements outside of a hospital setting.

Read more here on how the all-natural liposomal technology works

Who does the Liposomal Sleep Complex work best for?

  • Anyone looking for maximum absorption of their sleep aid supplements

  • Anyone concerned that they are not getting enough sleep or anyone with poor quality sleep

  • Anyone currently suffering from slower cognitive response times or just wanting to boost their memory

  • Anyone wanting to boost relaxation for all-natural stress reduction

  • Anyone who is suffering from an inflammation-related illness

The CDC states that one-third of the US population is not getting enough sleep. Work, family, and economic stressors have been compounding and building for decades, and as a result sleep deprivation has become commonplace. 

Almost anyone living in the modern world can benefit from Liposomal Sleep Complex supplementation.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Our Processes. We have the highest standards for quality in the industry and take pride in providing you with the best ingredients available. All of our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that you get optimal results, including:

  • Testing for potency, purity, and composition

  • Using only purified water in all of our manufacturing processes

  • Proprietary process compounding actives with lipids to form organic liposomes

  • All Manna products are produced in a GMPC certified clean lab environment

  • Our packaging is always BPA free

We have found the best way to take Manna comes down to one important factor: Your personal preference.

We worked for years with an expert team of nutritionists and scientists to come up with the most powerful liposomal formulations on the market and while we feel they taste great, our top priority has always been to provide a healthy and effective vitamin, free of added sugars and artificial flavoring.

That may mean taking Manna straight is preferred by some and not by others.

Many customers love taking Manna right from the bottle, no water needed! But we also have found that others who would enjoy a sweeter taste or less strong flavor like to mix their daily dose of Manna with a glass of water or juice.

It’s also great in smoothies!

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Christina K.
United States United States
I’m finally sleeping!

I’m so grateful to finally have a natural product that helps me sleep and doesn’t make me feel groggy in the morning. I can’t recommend this enough. After years of sleepless nights, I am finally getting sleep again!!

Manna - Vitamins Evolved

Christina, this makes us so, so happy to hear! Sleep is such an important aspect of our health, and it's great that you're finally getting the rest that you've been looking for. Thank you for adding our liposomal sleep complex to your bedtime routine, and please let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

Phyllis C.
United States United States
Could be better

It was ok didn't work as well as i hope it would.

Father V.
United States United States
Sleep complex

I love this product. It really works helping me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I need to use 12 pumps because the recommended 6 is not enough for me. Everyone is wired differently. I give it 5 stars

Manna - Vitamins Evolved

That is wonderful news! We do understand each body is different, we are glad we were able to help.

Father V.
United States United States
Liposomal sleep complex

This product does indeed work. I start with 6 pumps and often need to add another 6. Once asleep I am in a deep restful state. I awake refreshed and alert. I recommend it.

Manna - Vitamins Evolved

That is wonderful! We are happy to be part of your health journey to a better sleep.

Naveen P.
United States United States
Peaceful sleep at last

My problem has always been that i am a light wife bought this sleep complex for me to try and it has helped a lot for me...i sleep more peacefully and don't wake up at every sound and i also feel not as much anxiety so i'm glad bcause of everything going on now. The taste is very good, I will recommend to others

Manna - Vitamins Evolved

Hi Naveen, We're so happy to hear that you're finally getting the restful sleep that you've needed! Our bodies are capable of so much more when we're able to get enough rest, and it's great to know that our liposomal sleep complex has worked well for you. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Jackson T.
United States United States
good product

I have only been taking for few days not sure if its the sleep stuff or what but I am sleeping a little better not waking up so much in the middle of the nite. taste pretty good. want to know if I can take more than 6 drops

Manna - Vitamins Evolved

Hi Jackson, thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad you're sleeping more consistently throughout the night. We recommend following the suggested dosage on the bottle, which is 6 pumps (1ml) - taking too much of the sleep complex can cause you to experience the opposite effect! You can take this straight from the bottle, or add it to a glass of water, and it helps to take this about 30 min-1 hour before bed. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Shondra J.
Good sleep for the first time in a long time !

I first started using the Manna Boost for their curcumin which helps with my arthritic knee. When I heard they had a sleep product I bought it just to try but it has helped me so much. I take it right before bed and in half an hour I am asleep, every night. I've been taking melatonin for years but I always feel so tired the next day but with this I feel like I'm ready and awake the next morning which I haven't felt in so long. Thank you Manna Boost !

Manna - Vitamins Evolved

Hi Shondra, this is so great to hear! We love that you're taking both of these supplements - the curcumin can really help your body fight off inflammation, which can also cause the sleeplessness. We are so happy to know that you're feeling energized in the mornings; please let us know if you have any questions!

Emily G.
United States United States

Love this product! Very fast acting and helps me fall asleep much faster. Wake up feeling refreshed with no drowsiness. Easy to take. I would definitely recommend!