COQ10: What You Should Know About This Powerful Supplement

COQ10: What You Should Know About This Powerful Supplement

Get ready to fall in love with the most up and coming antioxidant superstar supplement, CoQ10!


You’ve likely heard about the health wonders of antioxidants found in vitamin C, green tea, and other foods. CoQ10 is fast becoming the newest and buzziest antioxidant in the supplement game. 


Being a highly potent antioxidant makes CoQ10 an effective treatment for illnesses that are inflammation based. Most ailments that affect humans are thought to originate from chronic inflammation. So being able to fight illness before it starts is what makes CoQ10 the darling of the supplement world. 


Here are just a few of the uses for what researchers are calling the “master antioxidant.”


CoQ10 is vital to energy production and to protecting cells from oxidative damage that’s caused by free radicals. So if you’re running low on energy you may want to consider incorporating some energy boosting CoQ10 to your diet. CoQ10 is found in literally every cell in your body, it’s that important!

CoQ10 And Heart Health

Heart health is a big concern for many Americans. You want to be sure to have a balanced diet and regular exercise to maintain a healthy heart, but there are other ways that you can reduce the risk of heart disease. 

CoQ10 was found to reduce inflammation and increase the likelihood of positive clinical outcomes for patients who were at high risk for heart conditions. So if you want to keep your ticker tocking, consider CoQ10 supplementation for heart health. 


How CoQ10 Protects Skin

As we age, our skin becomes less able to manage the daily stressors that are put upon it. Environmental pollutants, the natural aging process, and other factors put a near-constant strain on the body’s largest organ. CoQ10’s high antioxidant levels work to fight off oxidative stress that causes damage to cells. When cells are under constant attack, they start to behave differently. Cellular damage causes skin cells to mutate and can lead to a host of unpleasant health outcomes, premature aging, and skin cancer. 


Headache And Migraine Relief From CoQ10

Migraine and headache sufferers finally have something to rejoice about. CoQ10 can take away some of the pain associated with chronic headaches or migraines. Supplementing with CoQ10 can stop migraines before they start. 

No one likes having a headache, so finding natural ways to prevent them is something everyone can get excited about. According to the National Headache Foundation, CoQ10 can reduce the amount and intensity of headaches for patients by up to 50%!


Exercise And CoQ10

Reducing oxidative stress is helpful in pretty much every function of the body and exercise is no exception. CoQ10 helps improve cell function and reduces oxidative stress that can hamper athletic performance.

An increase in power and decrease in fatigue during physical activity are also associated with adding CoQ10 supplementation into pre or post-workout regimens. It also can help produce results that you can see. Dr. Jim Stoppani explains that, 

“Many assume that I take CoQ10 due to the health benefits it provides, such as improved heart health and reduced risk of cancers. And while I enjoy those benefits from CoQ10, they're not the only reason why I supplement with this critical nutrient. It also helps with performance in the gym and the results you can see on your body (i.e. less body fat and more muscle).”


Brain Function And CoQ10

Doctors are using CoQ10 in the treatment of Alzheimer’s symptoms because of the brain protective properties of the supplement. CoQ10 is involved in protecting the brain from destructive oxidative damage. Studies have shown that CoQ10 can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and improve brain function. 


CoQ10 Offers Protection For The Lungs

Processing oxygen makes the lungs more exposed to oxidative damage than any other organ. 

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are thought to be related to oxidative stress in the lungs. By reducing that oxidative stress, the lungs are able to function more effectively. Sufferers of asthma and COPD are typically found to have low levels of CoQ10. 


How To Take CoQ10

The superpowers of CoQ10 are all thanks to the amazing inflammation-busting health benefits that this potent antioxidant carries. Using CoQ10 to fight inflammation is a proven and highly effective way to improve brain health, boost physical performance during exercise, and help protect against cancer. 

The best way to get the maximum absorption rates from your supplements and vitamins is though liposomal encapsulation. 


What Is Liposomal Encapsulation?

What the heck is a liposome and why should you encapsulate supplements in it?

Liposomes are tiny bubble-like molecules that work in two ways to make supplements and drugs more bioavailable (the amount of a drug that is absorbed and circulated through the body). 

The cell structure of a liposome is very similar to the structure of the body’s own cells. This similar design makes a liposome easier for the body to absorb. By mimicking the body’s own cells, liposomes are more likely to be readily absorbed. 

Protecting vitamins, supplements, and drugs is one of the other important functions of a liposome. Liposomal encapsulation provides a protective sheath that prevents stomach acids from digesting a supplement before it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. 

With more of the supplement available for absorption, higher dosage levels are achieved. This means that liposomes provide more bang for your buck when it comes to the amount of supplement that your body can absorb. 

If you’re ready to see how CoQ10 and liposomes can help you achieve greater health, follow our weekly blog. 

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