What Manna Customers Are Saying...

Roy Williams

I have been using vitamin C supplements for years but honestly never felt a difference, it was one of those things I just took not knowing much about it. When my brother in law recommended Manna I was floored by the difference I felt in the first month of taking. I had so much more energy and for the first year didn't catch the awful cold my family was getting. Love you guys!

Monica H.

I just purchased this for my girls at the office. Love that this vitamin has little to no taste, so it mixes really well with anything I put it in. I read up on liposomal vitamins and I am switching to as many liposomal vitamins as I can due to the fact that they have absorption rate up to nine times over regular vitamins. The product was delivered undamaged and a day before promised!

Lynne Cooper

A good friend gifted me this Lipo vitamin c and when it ran out, I freaked out!! I’m so glad I signed up for it monthly because this is the best type of vitamin c to have when detoxing/ for clear skin. I have been struggling with skin issues all my life and I have been glowing for the last month since I have been using this Manna brand. My skin is baby soft and I'm really happy with it.

Kristie D.

I found out that liposomal vitamin c deep cleans the inside of your body as well. Being a woman in my mid 30s – I struggle with fatigue on the daily basis but that has totally changed since being introduced to your product. I use a couple squeezes with every smoothie I make, and I have noticed my energy levels improving the last few weeks. 

Kevin Roberts

Great company and splendid product. I've done a ton of research on liposomal vitamins and have been really interested in trying them. The absorption rate is supposed to be much much higher vs standard vitamins. As soon as I took Manna’s liposomal vitamin C – it kicked in immediately. It gives me a natural surge of energy and its prevented me from getting sick during this last week.

Sarah Finn

This is really easy to pack and take with you on the go. My husband and I go to breakfast every morning and this company makes it so easy to carry in my purse. The company is so great that I called in to purchase another bottle when I thought they were out and I was on and off the phone in under two minutes. Very sweet customer service young lady was able to help me.

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What Are Liposomes?

And what makes them the ideal delivery method for Vitamin C, Curcumin, Glutathione, and many other vital nutrients?

Liposomes are made up of the same material that the cells in your body are made of. This means your body will recognize the liposome as one of it's own and easily absorb it, along with the nutrients inside!   

The more of your vitamins that you’re able to absorb, the more benefits you’ll receive from them. 

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Discover How Liposomes Can Boost Your Vitamin Intake

Some nutrients aren’t as easily absorbed into the bloodstream as others. Vitamin C is one of those nutrients, it is processed in the small intestine and needs other proteins to be present in order to be effective at all. –– Liposomes help speed nutrients to the small intestine and make more of the nutrient available for absorption. 

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Increased Success In Peer Reviewed Studies

Oxidative stress, better known as damaging contaminants and free radicals in your blood was reduced even when additional stress factors and contaminates were added, resulting in a large Vitamin C concentration above any seen in a placebo group. 

Keep your cells functioning longer and at a more effective rate!

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